Thursday, October 27, 2016
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Submitted By: Mike PhilpottSubmitted: 8/25/2011
Love your new website! Some major improvements. Look forward to visiting it often. Regarding today's Clayton Record, your Column One Comment really hit home for me. I just put my wife Toni on a plane to Charlottesville, VA early this morning. She's on her way for a long overdue visit with her eldest son, his wife and their kids (representing five of our nine grandchildren). But back to the Column One Comment, their home in Charlottesville is only 27 miles from the epicenter of yesterday's 5.9 magnitude earthquake. No damage to them or to their home, thankfully, but it shook the ground, knocked cans off the shelves in their pantry, and scared everybody half to death. Of course, while they are waiting for aftershocks in Virginia, I'm getting our house here in Central Florida ready for whatever trouble Hurricane Irene may have in store for us later this week. I'd say my wife picked a good day to go visit the grandkids. Barely missing two natural disasters 1,000 mil

Submitted By: Larry GloverSubmitted: 9/18/2012
I couldn't find a place for this so here I am. Would you please change my address to 276 Lynn Dr. instead of 273. Thanks Larry I'm enjoying the paper.

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